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O projektu (pár slov anglicky) - About the project....

The project titled "The three tools of the academic workplace to answer the question of how to effectively involve the younger generation in science and research: information - internship in a scientific team - presentation of results" aims to develop and validate a methodology for involving the younger generation in research activities, to wake or deepen her interest in science, science and technology as her future profession. For this purpose, the project proposes the following three tools of the academic workplace, which during the course of the project verifies and evaluates:

  • INFORMATION - quality information disseminated through web presentations and other media (interactive CD-ROMs, videos, printed materials);
  • STUDY IN THE SCIENTIFIC TEAM - year-long and holiday internships of talented high school and university students in scientific teams and summer schools for university and PGS students;
  • PRESENTATION OF RESULTS - multidisciplinary student seminars on which all three target groups will report on the results of their research carried out in different teams of the academic workplace during project solving.
The target groups of the project are high school and college students and students of doctoral studies. Since 2010, we have been working with elementary school pupils.

The activities organized within the project are also accessible to high school teachers, teachers of elementary schools.

Texts, photographs, images and other materials published on the project pages will be created in such a way as to provide information on research at the Faculty of Medicine of the Czech Republic and to the public.

The project registered under 2E08038 (acronym INPRESION) was dealt with during the period III / 2008- XII / 2009 with financial support of the NATIONAL PROGRAM OF RESEARCH II - Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in the HUMAN RESOURCES program.

M. Ferus and P. Kubelik, PGS students from the Faculty of Science (2009),
on their internship in the laboratory of laser spectroscopy
(photo: K. Stejskalová)


12. a 24.5. a 2 a 11.6.2021 - Mal├ş chemikov├ę na n├ív┼ít─Ťv─Ť u n├ís, samoz┼Öejm─Ť zase je┼ít─Ť virtu├íln─Ť :o)

V na┼í├ş nab├şdce v├Żuky chemie v akademick├ęm programu┬á "Pozv─Ťte si v─Ťdce do v├Żuky" m├ím

3.6.2021 - Letn├ş ┼íkola NANO2021 --- P┼śIHLA┼áOV├üN├Ź do 25.6. (┼íkola bude 23.-27.8.)

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